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In freight industry, no two consignments are similar; in terms of dimensions or weight. The contrast becomes even more distinct when “Project Cargo” is involved. So, what is project freight and how does it differ from regular consignments. This term is used to classify equipment / goods which are an integral part of an ongoing project. These are typically huge, valuable and complex individual pieces of a larger setup. Each piece plays an equally important role in the final assembly.

The collection of these crucial assembles, may or may not be from a single source. It simply means the freight company needs to initiate pickup from multiple manufacturing hubs.

Assembles need to reach the location on time, so that the project is not delayed due to breakdown in the continuity. Handling such freight proposals requires intelligent planning, great foresight and engineering excellence. These materials ( Individual components ) need to be sourced from an array of vendors; both national as well as international. Moreover, this kind of freight handling requires movement of goods by land, air and ship. It also requires customized equipment handling machines such as barges, cranes and trailers.

Express Freight & Logistics offers special equipment cargo services at affordable price point and at the same time maintains rigorous time schedules to minimize delays and reduce cost overruns. We are transparent in our deals and offer impeccable, tailor-made service which makes us the number one choice when it comes to ODC cargo.

Some of our existing clients are big names in construction, mining, engineering and oil exploration sectors.